KANRI Distance Calculator™ Downloads

Desktop versions may be activated at any time by purchasing a Standard or Pro license.

For instructions on installing KDC Desktop, please visit the Installation Guide.

DESKTOP v2.4.9

2.4.9 User Guide

Windows 64-bit (exe)

MD5: e2df8b98c0982e7b5496bfc425119a4d

OSX 64-bit (pkg)

MD5: aebd745dcb05ecce8de470c7c19fa98c

DESKTOP v2.4.8

2.4.8 User Guide

Windows 64-bit (exe)

MD5: 7208ae7f140370ecc531d6959cafb8f6

OSX 64-bit (dmg)

MD5: 039ba8010790b05ca81f84cb72625555