The Kanri Distance Calculator Approach

The Kanri business model provides a management system based on several attributes (variables) that are related. Based on these attributes, a multivariate measurement scale is developed to measure the distances from a target or reference group. And most importantly, take into account the correlations between the variables.

After developing and validating the measurement scale, a root cause analysis (RCA) is performed on an individual basis. In RCA, we calculate contribution ratios (CRs) of the attributes. Then we focus on those attributes that have highest impact through statistical process control (SPC) charts. Click here to try.

Kanri Distance Calculator overview, explaining how Kanri makes big data personalized, easy to interpret, actionable, and impactful.


Kanri Approach:

1) Define the target (healthy) group and all health attributes for consideration.

2) Develop a multivariate measurement scale with target group as the reference.

3) Calculate each participant’s distance from target by running data through KDC.

4) Perform individual diagnostic and identify contributing variables for each participant.

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Customer Service Manager

The Problem

The company needed to improve transactional Net Promoter Score for customer service operations.  Most customers don’t take the customer surveys, but they had scores for nearly 55,000 surveys.


They pulled together over 1400 variables for these interactions.  Kanri then used all the top survey scores as the target group, and all other customers were considered off-target.


KDC optimized down to the top 16 contributing variables, and provided absolute distances for each off target customer, and what percentage each of the 16 top variables contributed to those distances.

This allowed the customer service operations to have an individualized profile of satisfaction drivers for every customer.


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