Kanri Distance Calculator (KDC)

Kanri’s proprietary combination of patented statistical and process methods provides a uniquely powerful and insightful ability to evaluate large data sets with multiple variables.  While many tools evaluate patterns and dynamics for large data, only the Kanri Distance Calculator allows users to understand where they stand with respect to a desired target state and the specific contribution of each variable toward the overall distance from the target state.  The Kanri model not only calculates the relationship of variables within the overall data set, but more importantly mathematically teases out the interaction between each of them.

This combination of relational insights fuels Kanri’s breakthrough distance calculator.  It answers the question “In a world of exponentially expanding data how do I find the variables that will solve my problem and it helps quickly to reach that conclusion.”  But the Kanri model does not stop there.  Kanri tells you exactly, formulaically how much each variable contributes.

The Kanri Distance Calculator opens a new world of solution development possibilities that can apply the power of massive data sets to an individual…or to an individualized objective.