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The purpose of Kanri business model is to provide a management system based on several attributes (variables) that are related.  Based on the information on these attributes a multivariate measurement scale is developed to measure the distances from a target or reference group.  After developing and validating the measurement scale, a root cause analysis (RCA) is performed on individual basis.  In RCA, we calculate contribution ratios (CRs) of the attributes.  This will help us to focus on those attributes that have highest impact through statistical process control (SPC) charts. 

 The details of Kanri Approach can be found in the following white paper

White Paper 1 - Overview of Kanri Distance Calculator (KDC)


We believe that Six Sigma efforts can be accelerated by using KDC because we can test several variables at the same time and arrive at the important drivers of the problem.  Usually in traditional Six Sigma approach testing each variable on the performance typically is done by conducting many hypothesis tests through several projects.  With KDC, this effort can be minimized to a great extent by arriving at important drivers to the problem on hand very quickly. 

The following white paper discusses  Accelerated Process Engineering  (Six Sigma) Approach through Kanri Distance Calculator

White Paper 2 - Accelerated Six Sigma with KDC